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  • Cosmic Ingram Bakugan

    Cosmic Ingram was released in the BakuNeon series. It was incorrectly labeled as hawklea.

    Cosmic Ingram becomes Shun's new guardian after Shun is separated from Skyress. Shun saves Ingram from Vester's Destroyer by catching him in midair. Ingram is a bird type monster with six wings and a hard-plated steel chest. His sharp, clawed feet can shred his opponents. He can also fly high into the air and nosedive directly into his opponents to eliminate them. Cosmic Ingram unites with Trap Bakugan Hylash for increased power.

    Cosmic Ingram's attribute is Ventus. Cosmic Ingram has massive multiple wings and has armored plates to protect its body. Its red eyes can see a Bakugan from miles away. Its feathers are metallic and can withstand fire. Cosmic Ingram is Ingram's evolved form.

    BK CD CosmicIngram Cosmic Ingram Bakugan

    Closed Ball Form
    Cosmic Ingram   Closed Cosmic Ingram Bakugan
    Card Appearance
    comingsoon Cosmic Ingram Bakugan

    Pyrus Version Aquos Version
    comingsoon Cosmic Ingram Bakugan Cosmic Ingram   Aquos Cosmic Ingram Bakugan
    Haos Version Darkus Version
    Cosmic Ingram   Haos Cosmic Ingram Bakugan Cosmic Ingram   Darkus Cosmic Ingram Bakugan
    Subterra Version Ventus Version
    comingsoon Cosmic Ingram Bakugan Cosmic Ingram   Ventus Cosmic Ingram Bakugan

    Special Treatments

    Translucent Ventus Version Bronze Subterra Tin Version
    Cosmic Ingram   Translucent Ventus Cosmic Ingram Bakugan Cosmic Ingram   Darkus Bronze Tin Cosmic Ingram Bakugan

    Purchase Cosmic Ingram Bakugan below.

    logo Cosmic Ingram Bakugan

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