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  • Bakugan 1-5BCon Card Set

    This set of cards were given out to the participants of the BakuCon tournaments. You can see the logo of the BakuCon tournament (in the respective location) on the cards.

    1-5BCon Swoop Slash, BakuCon Chicago
    BCon 1 Swoop Slash Bakugan 1 5BCon Card Set
    2-5BCon Armored March, BakuCon Los Angeles
    BCon 2 Armored March Bakugan 1 5BCon Card Set
    3-5BCon Water Power Boost, BakuCon Dallas
    BCon 3 Water Power Boost Bakugan 1 5BCon Card Set
    4-5BCon Freeze Weave, BakuCon Orlando
    BCon 4 Freeze Weave Bakugan 1 5BCon Card Set
    5-5BCon Ice Out, BakuCon New York
    BCon 5 Ice Out Bakugan 1 5BCon Card Set

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    logo Bakugan 1 5BCon Card Set

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