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  • Bakugan Season 4 – BakuMutant Series

    BakuSolo Mutant Taylean Bakugan Season 4   BakuMutant Series

    The BakuMutant is a series of Treatment Bakugan that is distinguished by their interchangeable pieces. They may come in dual attributes, and have an upper half as well as a lower half. From the name itself, the BakuMutant are mutating Bakugan, with pieces that can be removed and exchanged with that of another BakuMutant. It is much like the BakuSwap and the BakuTech series in this way.

    The BakuMutant Bakugan can be found among the BakuSolo packs. But there are Super G BakuMutant packs exclusively found at Target that contain 2 BakuMutants.

    SuperG Bakumutant Bakugan Season 4   BakuMutant Series

    How To Play With the BakuMutant

    The BakuMutant has a lower half and an upper half. Pull them apart and you will see 2 G-powers printed on the lower half and 1 G-power on the upper half. Just add the G-power of the upper half to the bigger G-power of the lower half to get the total G-power level of the BakuMutant when it is in play.

    If the BakuMutant is a dual Attribute BakuMutant, with the upper half a different Attribute from that of the lower half, just choose which Attribute you will use when you stand it on a Gate card and flip the card. Add the G-power on the upper half with the smaller G-power of the lower half to get the total G-power level of the BakuMutant.

    List of BakuMutants

    Mercury Dragonoid
    Mutant Krakenoid
    Mutant Krowll
    Mutant Helios
    Mutant Taylean

    Purchase Bakugan BakuMutant Below.

    logo Bakugan Season 4   BakuMutant Series

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