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  • Bakugan VS. Iron Man

    IronManClassic Bakugan VS. Iron Man

    Tony Stark, a scientific genius becomes the invincible Iron Man - a hero whose armor gives him superhuman strength, durability, and flight, along with an array of the most powerful weapons.

    Other Versions of Iron Man

    IronManSilver Bakugan VS. Iron Man
    Razenoid vs. Iron Man (Silver)

    IronManStealth Bakugan VS. Iron Man
    Helios vs. Iron Man Stealth Armor
    Iron Man's Stealth Armor is a specialized suit developed by Tony Stark to help him go undetected by reader devices. With a series of upgraded weapons, the Stealth Armor is sleek in composition and, in combination with force field technology, makes Iron Man invisible and indestructible in battle.

    IronManExtremis Bakugan VS. Iron Man
    Helios vs. Iron Man Extremis Armor
    The Extremis Armor was built by Tony stark after being injured in battle. To repair the damage and revitalize his strength, Stark fused the armor directly to his body. While its weapons were kept intact, the Extremis Armor is more lightweight, has self-healing abilities, and can even be piloted remotely.

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