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    Posted by: Anabelle in Bakugan News , on July 12th, 2012

    You’ve got to impress your school friends on your birthday party! Show off your collections of bakugan battle brawlers and challenge them in a bakugan battle, this party will be the talk of the whole school when classes open.

    Here’s a special treat for you from birthdayexpress.com as you celebrate your birthday with a bakugan theme.

    Add a special touch in serving your food with bakugan plates, cups and spoons and other item you want to include on your bakugan birthday party.

                        bday party2 300x300 Bakugan Party Theme

    Like this bakugan paper cups that can contain 9 ounces of beverages. 

    bday cup 150x150 Bakugan Party Theme

    Or wow them with a thank you card of bakugan theme. 

     bday cardTY 150x150 Bakugan Party Theme

    I'd like to add this beautiful balloons as another decor for a lively party from amazon.  How about this bakugan cupcake label to make sure they will never ever forget you and maybe look forward on your next birthday bash.  Oh that's so sweet.

                              balloons 150x150 Bakugan Party Theme                     logo cupcake 150x150 Bakugan Party Theme

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    Posted by: marie00 in Bakugan Collection, Bakugan News , on June 19th, 2012

    Hey freshmen brawlers! Just found a perfect manual you could use for your first brawl tournament. Well, the fact that you can gain lots of advices and suggestions from your Bakugan peers, but isn't it perfect to have a manual guide yourself? Therefore, if you are having trouble how to start playing Bakugan and to understand more of G-power, abilities, and techniques - here's the good deal for you.


    2 300x231 Bakugan: Battle Brawlers Manual (by Manuals Lib)


    Manuals Lib offers the free downloadable Bakugan: Battle Brawlers Manual. It is a instructional manual produced by Spin Master – one highly respected manufacturer of Bakugan toys. It is a step by step way of understanding Bakugan and the modes of the game. You'll figure out the rules and ways of winning your bakugan in a battle brawl. The manual from Manuals Lib comes in a PDF file.

    Manuals LIB offers free manual search online. It has more than 700,000 pdf files that you can search daily. These manuals are downloadable and can even be shared. It helps manual searching easily accessible.

    Still struggling to know more about bakugan brawl? Why not get this Spin Master Bakugan: Battle Brawlers Manual. Free to download from Manuals Lib. See it for yourself brawlers!


    13 Bakugan: Battle Brawlers Manual (by Manuals Lib)

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    Posted by: marie00 in Bakugan News , on June 13th, 2012

    More Bakugan games and downloads!

    baku d 300x236 More Bakugan Downloads

    For brawlers more bakugan collection, here are the downloadable bakugan tools and wap games thought you might like. Software.informer, a software company consisting of multinational programming teams, bring about the latest software technologies. And this time, brawlers downloadable are available. Various bakugan tools and wap games you would want to add on your list.

    Bakugan downloadable:
    - Bakugan Toolbar – gives and makes you connected with
    bakugans community toolbar
    - BakuganBay Toolbar – lets you gt updated with latest
    news on your favorite games
    - The Elite Bakugan Council Toolbar
    - Bakugan 1.0

    All of these contain Bakugan wap games that you could enjoy. Get them now and there could be more fun with these downoadable!


    baku d2 300x225 More Bakugan Downloads

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    Posted by: marie00 in Bakugan News , on June 02nd, 2012

    Recently, I have posted news on the upcoming Bakugan toys by Spin Master. Well, guess what? They are coming very soon. According to recent source, Bakugan BakuBlasters will be out by August of this year. The nice thing about it, brawlers can further enjoy blasting their new set of Bakugan package.

    The new Bakugan BakuBlasters are equipped with auto-firing Bakudisc. This level up the ability of your bakugan to face off and win over the opponent. Each disc on the package comes with G-power bonus to make sure your winning.

    BakuBlaster package consist of:

    - BakuBlaster
    - Gate Card
    - Ability Card

    Here are some photos to check what they look like. Hope you’ll enjoy the design and new feature of this Bakugan toy. As for Spin Master, we – brawlers – are waiting for more. Keep it coming!


    bb2 Bakugan BakuBlasters will be Out... Soon

    bb1 300x241 Bakugan BakuBlasters will be Out... Soon

    bb4 232x300 Bakugan BakuBlasters will be Out... Soon

    Posted by: marie00 in Bakugan News , on May 26th, 2012

    BakuTech is on its 8th episode and still the Team Dragaon is in Quilt’s Temple. Do you remember how Raichi’s Munikis Destroyer evolved into Zero Munikis? Then, the leader Harubaru was still left trying to beat the Blan Shoult? Well this time, we’ll see how Haru does his progress.


    14 300x143 BakuTech Manga Episode 8: Dragaons Evolution


    Episode 8 starts with Harubaru defeating and inflicting Critical KO on Blan Shoult. At last, he made it! He and Tatsuma were very happy. Unexpectedly a voice from the shadow appeared. It is Quilt, a more than hundred years old resident of the Quilt Temple. The latter, wanting to see more of Flare Dragaon’s abilities and skills, challenges Harubaru to a brawl. Harubaru eagerly accepted the challenge.


    24 300x181 BakuTech Manga Episode 8: Dragaons Evolution


    Two Gate Cards were set. Quilt shoots his Guardian Bakugan – Saint Aqua –  which shook the ground for awhile. Then comes Harubaru’s turn. He brawls Flare Dragaon which unfortunately rolled back to him. It was due to Saint Aqua’s special technique.

    For Quilt’s second brawl, Gigan Taures made a Double Stand. He stands in the same place where Saint Aqua stood before. This time Harubaru stands Flare Dragaon on the other Gate Card. Quilt has the next brawl and Saint Aqua uses another special technique to capture Flare Dragaon’s Gate Card with another Double Stand.


    33 239x300 BakuTech Manga Episode 8: Dragaons Evolution


    For the last brawl, Harubaru needs to do something to win over Quilt. Before getting Flare Dragaon into another fight, Harubaru closes his eyes as if meditating to gather the full power of his Bakugan. Then, he shoots Flare Dragaon amazingly with Flare Shoot. Upon nearing Saint Aqua, Harubaru shouted again encouraging his Bakugan to add more power so he can defeat the opponent. Suddenly, a blinding light covered the room and the two bakugans were engulfed in smoke. After a while, the smoke reveals Flare Dragaon standing victoriously on the Gate Card. The only difference – Flare Dragaon has evolved into another most powerful bakugan – Gren Dragaon.


    42 246x300 BakuTech Manga Episode 8: Dragaons Evolution


    At that moment, Raichi made it inside to see the last brawl. Tatsuma and he were very happy.

    At the end, the three of them were united with the Grif Brothers and they went back to Bakugan Dojo together.

    Watch Harubaru battle brawl and the new transformation of Flare Dragaon into Gren Dragaon in Bakugan BakuTech Manga series Episode 8: Dragaon’s Evolution.

    As Team Dragaon ended their quest in Quilt’s Temple and both new bakugans evolved (Zero Munikis and Gren Dragaon), what could be next? To see the other previous episodes and the recap of today’s episode, check BakuTech Manga TV Show.

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