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  • Posted by: Anabelle in Bakugan News , on August 22nd, 2012

    The long wait is over to defeat your opponent.

    Be the first to get the Bakugan BakuBlaster to have a bigger chance of winning the battle.

    Bakugan BakuBlaster is out now in the market.

    You can have Bakublaster package with 1 Gate card and 1 Ability card.

    Bakugan Bakublasters2 BakuBlaster, Now Available! by Spin Master


    You can have this at $5.99 as suggested retail price.

    Or get the best deal with 2 Projectile Discs, 1 Metal Gate Card and 1 Ability Card.

    This is for kids from ages 5 and up.


    blaster BakuBlaster, Now Available! by Spin Master




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