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  • AeroBlaze BakuNano

    aeroblaze AeroBlaze BakuNano

    Self-propels itself high into the clouds unloading a firestorm of flames scorching anything that lies beneath.

    The Aeroblaze BakuNano is used by Anubias on Horridian. It is the first BakuNano seen on the seventh episode of the fourth season of the animated series. It will be released on July. More information and pictures will be added when available.

    Closed Form
    comingsoon AeroBlaze BakuNano
    Card Appearance
    comingsoon AeroBlaze BakuNano

    Battle Gear on Bakugan
     AeroBlaze BakuNano

    comingsoon AeroBlaze BakuNano
    comingsoon AeroBlaze BakuNano
    comingsoon AeroBlaze BakuNano

    Special Treatments

    Special Treatment Version Special Treatment Version
    comingsoon AeroBlaze BakuNano comingsoon AeroBlaze BakuNano

    Purchase Aeroblaze Bakugan BakuNano below

    logo AeroBlaze BakuNano

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