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  • Siege Bakugan

    Siege was released in series 2.

    Siege is a knight in shining armor. His silken cape is used both for flying and protection. He is equipped with a lance with different blade tips depending on the battle.

    BK CD Siege Siege Bakugan

    Closed Ball Form
    Siege   Closed Siege Bakugan

    Pyrus Version Aquos Version
    comingsoon Siege Bakugan comingsoon Siege Bakugan
    Haos Version Darkus Version
    notyet Siege Bakugan Siege   Darkus Siege Bakugan
    Subterra Version Ventus Version
    comingsoon Siege Bakugan comingsoon Siege Bakugan

    Special Treatments

    Clear Version Special Treatment Version
    comingsoon Siege Bakugan notyet Siege Bakugan

    Purchase Siege bakugan below.

    logo Siege Bakugan

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