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  • Bakugan HSP Card Set

    The HSP cards were the original cards that were released in series 1. The rules for the game were different back then and the object was to get the most HSP points to win the game. These cards also are the only ones that had a possibility of a negative for your attribute gate bonus. The HSP cards were also numbered a different way and not numbered as the other sets are. The game rules and the cards changed in series 2 and on. However you supposedly can still use the series 1 cards, just ignore the hsp value. Below are a few HSP cards.

    BA098 CC SM B Saurus Bakugan HSP Card Set
    Fear Ripper BA050 CC SM B Bakugan HSP Card Set
    Intercept BA003 SP SM Bakugan HSP Card Set
    Torpedo BA004 SP SM Bakugan HSP Card Set

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