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  • Posted by: Frank in Feature Article , on June 29th, 2014

    new vestroia logo Bakuganbuzz Exclusive: Bakugan  The New Vestroia!

    Season Overview:

    Welcome to Bakugan Season 2: The New Vestroia!

    Right after defeating Masquerade in a fierce brawl between Drago and Alpha Hydranoid to save Vestroia from total destruction -Vestroia is facing yet again another danger in the hands of the alien race -Vestals, headed by King Zenoheld and his team of ferocious brawlers called the Vexos. The Vestals have constructed dimension controllers around the New Vestroia that rendered all the Bakugan helpless in their ball forms. In addition to that an evil scientist called Professor Clay have initiated tests to create mechanical bakugan that has no weakness at all. Using all his might, can Dan and his newly found team known as Bakugan Battle Brawlers Resistance defeat these evil forces to free all the enslaved Bakugan? Just tune in and find out!


    Loading Hero Database: ||||||||| 8% completed|||||||

    dan id Bakuganbuzz Exclusive: Bakugan  The New Vestroia!


    Fetching more data from Bakugan Interspace ....
    Hero Database loading....
    Enemy Database on que ...
    New Vestroia Bakugan on que ...
    Recorded Battle Events on que ...
    This could take awhile, thank you for your patience.


    Stay Tune! We will be right back!


    Stay Tune

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