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  • Posted by: maryann in Bakugan Tv Show, Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge , on December 19th, 2011

    ep41 wiseman coredegon 300x204 New Bakugan Episode – Mechtanium Surge Episode 41: Evil Evolution
    He's a moooooonsteeeer!!!!

    Things really have gotten weirder than ever. Wiseman is Coredegon! How does a Mechtogan disguise itself as a human?! Ahh, the days when everything was still so simple between brawlers and Bakugan… they seem so far away now, especially with a Mechtogan able to shrink itself into human form.

    When Wiseman revealed itself to be Coredegon, the Nonet Bakugan finally realised that he never meant to help them in their wish to get revenge on Drago. Coredegon was about to destroy the brawlers when they intervened and attacked him. As a result, the brawlers were able to get away to safety. The knowledge that Wiseman and Gunz were different strengthened their resolve to defeat Coredegon and save Gunz. Meanwhile, the Nonet Bakugan were given a choice between destruction and an eternal and miserable life in the Doom Dimension.

    Coredegon called on Mandibor, Slycerak, and Exostriker to start with their destructive plans, and the brawlers meet them with everything they have. But the Mechtogans prove to be hard to defeat. Both sides fused and combined, and the Mechtogans formed an ultra powerful Mechtavius Destroyer! In response, the brawlers call on Dragonoid Destroyer, Ventus Thorax, and Aquos Flytruss. It appears as if Mechtavius Destroyer is invincible, however, and the brawlers are being trampled on.

    ep41 brawlers 300x204 New Bakugan Episode – Mechtanium Surge Episode 41: Evil Evolution ep41 mechtavius destroyer 300x203 New Bakugan Episode – Mechtanium Surge Episode 41: Evil Evolution

    As this battle rages, Gunz and the Nonet Bakugan join forces to fight against Coredegon and the Mechtogans. Gunz agrees to be their brawler, and dons Wiseman’s helmet. His rage and determination for revenge transforms his suit to the color of raging red. And for the second time, the Nonet Bakugan come to intervene in the brawlers’ battle against Mechtavius Destoyer, with the declared intention of defeating the brawlers first then Coredgon next. They are now led by Gunz in red Wiseman form. But before anyone could do anything, Coredegon creates a portal to the Doom Dimension and transports the brawlers and their Bakugan!

    ep41 new gunz wiseman 300x253 New Bakugan Episode – Mechtanium Surge Episode 41: Evil Evolution

    Watch how things turned out in here:
    Bakugan Mechtanium Surge Episode 41: Evil Evolution

    So the brawlers are now trapped in the Doom Dimension, and it is Gunz and the Nonet Bakugan that stands in the Mechtogans' way. Let's see how the battle of the enemies will go. Watch out for the next episodes, or watch the previous ones, on Bakugan Tv Show.

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