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  • Posted by: Admin in Battle Tactics , on October 31st, 2011

    battletacticslogo Battle Tactic #21: Guest Brawler Strategy #4 – October 2011

    battletactic mechtaviusdestroyer Battle Tactic #21: Guest Brawler Strategy #4 – October 2011October's Battle Tactic is from my.bakugan.com member and guest brawler startegist Gromit14. In his strategy, he included the Mechtavius Destroyer and how you can take victory with the new evil Mechtogan! Gromit14 gave step-by-step instructions in using this strategy for an impressive win on a brawl. He also included tips on how to adapt his strategy. This is an interesting read, guys, so be sure to try it!

    Here's what you will need for this strategy:

    Darkus Coredegon
    Darkus Mandibor
    Darkus Infinity Helios 650-1150g's
    Darkus Flash Ingram 920g's
    Any Darkus Baku Sky Raider + Baku Sky Raider Ability Card

    Coredegon Ability Card (blue)
    Mandibor Ability Card (green)
    Magnetic Action Ability Card (season 2 red Ability)

    Silver Lining Gate Card (silver)
    Dark Reflection Gate Card (Season 3 bronze Gate)
    Flash Ingram Gate Card (gold)

    Any two Silver Bakunanos (for example: Silver Bombaplode 80g's and Silver Hyperpulsor 70g's)
    Any Gold Bakunano (for example: Gold Bombaplode 80g's)


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