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  • Posted by: maryann in Bakugan Finds , on February 09th, 2010

    battletacticslogo 300x76 BATTLE TACTIC #2: GATE CARD PLACEMENT – FEBRUARY 2010

    Greetings brawlers! Welcome to the second issue of Battle Tactics with BrightLight!

    I’m very pleased to share with you one of the most fundamental strategies to keep in mind for your next brawl. Sometimes starting off with your best foot forward can propel you to the winner’s circle and there’s no better time like the present to get started and improve your strategy just in time for BakuCon NYC.

    Bakugan brawl!

    Gate Card Placement, Tip #2: Early Placement

    Some Gate cards can be best used when played early in the game. When you are playing one of these cards, be sure to put it out first and have a plan for what you want to do when you engage in battle on it. A great early placement card is the Copper Gate Card, ‘Rattleoid’. Battling on this card early in the game puts your enemy in an odd situation where they have to dump a bunch of Ability Cards or hold on to them allowing you to get some mega G-Power bonuses. This can be particularly devastating when brawling with the Big Game rules!

    rattleoid 228x300 BATTLE TACTIC #2: GATE CARD PLACEMENT – FEBRUARY 2010

    As you can see, timing can be everything, so I hope you’ll take this strategy and use it as part of your moves to defeat your opponents!

    Thank you for checking out my latest tip and be sure to catch next month’s Battle Tactic here on my.bakugan.com!

    And If you have a strategy that you would like to share with me for a future article, send your tip to community@bakugan.com with the following subject line - "Battle Tactics with Bright Light: My Strategy Tip"!

    Brawl on!

    ~ BrightLight

    For more strategy tips, visit the 'Battle Tactics with BrightLight' section of the official Bakugan community.

    This entry was posted on Tuesday, February 9th, 2010 at 8:00 am and is filed under Bakugan Finds.You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. Both comments and pings are currently closed.

    1.   BakuganSensei says: February 9th, 2010 at 9:40 am

      That is actually a GOLD card and not a COPPER or BRONZE one ! ;D

    2. ok

    3. OK everyone here are my ideas of what the new bakugan should be when sm creates them.(if it has(),then that should be the special andpart of the name and if it has=then it is what the special is.

      CROSS DRAGONOID(VORTEX)(in series)
      MINX ELFIN=attribute/g change
      MASTER INGRAM(in series)
      ACIENT NEMUS=attribute/g change
      FLARE WILDA((light-up)already gonna be created)
      FARBROS=heavy metal
      HELIOS MK2(in series)
      MACUBASS=heavy metal
      BLAST ELICO=attribute/g change
      ALUZE(in series)
      MAC SPIDER(in series)
      BORIATES(in series)
      DRYOID(in series)
      REX VULCAN(in series)

      ill finish this list later on.

    4. OK turbine your getting a little high

    5. hey about dryoid if they make him in a different attribute it won’t
      make sense because hes DRYoid DRY for sub-terra so if hes made in a attribute thats not sub-terra he will be something like flameoid for pyrus darkoid for darkus it
      just deosnt make SENSE!!!!!!!!!1

    6.   Ω Hydranoid says: February 9th, 2010 at 9:42 pm

      they made pyro dragonoid in darkus, ventus and subterra when pyro means fire or heat or exploion.

    7. o sorry i forgot ALUZE is actually (TURBINE ALUZE).

    8. turbine did you read my last comment about dryoid

    9. i dont think that the DRYOID name will change with attribute.though i do give u points for noticing that in its name.